Home-school providers in Utah - especially those in Juab School District - should be subsidized, just at they are in California, advocates say.

Karen Nelson, a home-schooler, said schools in California's Silicon Valley are subsidized. "I think it would be great to have the best home-school policy in the state," she said."I called the school (in Cupertino) and they were very enthusiastic about the program," said Nelson.

State law currently does not allow a program of the sort described by Nelson, said Superintendent Kirk Wright.

Cupertino is the home of high-tech firms such as Apple Computer. By registering in the local school district's independent-study program, said Nelson, parents may keep their children at home but get reimbursed for educational expenses such as books, foreign language tapes and computer software.

Under the California program, home-school families meet with the principal of the school that administers the independent study program. The school is a service center from which home-schooling families can choose specific items, such as athletics or music.

Over the past four years, the program has grown to 150 children who are schooled at home.

The program does require monthly written reports from parents as well as the principal.

Nelson said the school in Cupertino would be interested in helping Juab School District set up a similar program.