A psychologist warns that watching too much war on television is unhealthy, especially for families with loved ones in the Persian Gulf.

He even has a name for the problem that may develop: CNN Complex.James T. Turner, a counselor at Memorial Medical Center, said Monday he coined the name for the condition from Cable News Network's 24-hour coverage. Total immersion in war news only increases anxiety, he said.

"We're very concerned about people getting virtually addicted to news, afraid to miss every little thing that might happen," Turner said.

"If you're a TV watcher, watch TV (entertainment) shows; if you're a golfer, golf; if you do needlepoint, do needlepoint," he said.

Children, especially those with loved ones in the Persian Gulf, should not be allowed to watch more than brief news updates, Turner advised.

"Never underestimate how a child may misunderstand TV news," he said.