Elizabeth Glausi died Monday afternoon, nearly three days after she was caught in a crush of fans rushing the stage at an AC/DC concert in the Salt Palace.

The Brigham Young University sophomore died around 3 p.m. at Holy Cross Hospital, where she had been on a life-support system since Friday night. Funeral will be Thursday in her hometown of Eugene, Ore.Glausi, 19, was majoring in business and finance. BYU spokesman Brent Harker said the university was "saddened to see a member of our campus family die in such a tragic and needless way. Our hearts go out to her family. We pray the Lord will bless them."

Glausi attended the AC/DC concert Friday night with roommate Brandi Burton, 19.

"From the day we met we were best friends," said Burton, who also was swept up in the frenzy of fans rushing the stage.

She and Glausi were knocked to the arena floor, where they were crushed as other fans of the hard-rock group piled on top of them. The last thing Burton remembers was trying to breathe, looking at her friend and reaching for help.

It was hours after she was treated for cuts and bruises and released from LDS Hospital before Burton found out what had become of her best friend. Burton, from Villa Park, Calif., says Glausi was a sports fanatic who loved to ski and do aerobics.

"She is never down," Burton said. "She would do anything for anyone. She is the most caring person that I have ever met."

Burton's mother, Paula, says the two were inseparable.

The call she received from her daughter at 1 a.m. Saturday, in which Brandi described the pain and pressure of the crushing crowd and told her mother she couldn't locate Glausi, is a parent's nightmare.

"I fear for my Brandi," Paula Burton said. "She can remember not being able to breathe."

Kids shouldn't have to risk death by going to concerts, she said.

"There is no excuse for these deaths," said Paula Burton, who came to Utah to be with her daughter.

"If there is a melee, somebody should pull the plug (the electricity in order to stop the concert)," Paula Burton said. "I have not heard from the Salt Palace or AC/DC, but my daughter lived. I know that Liz's parents have not heard from them either."

Paula Burton and her husband will return to Utah in February to talk to officials about what went wrong Friday night at the Salt Palace.

"No other parent should have to go through what we are going through," she said. "Something is wrong with the entertainment system if this is what happens to kids."


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3rd victim

Elizabeth Glausi, 19, of Eugene, Ore., died Monday of the injuries she received during the AC/DC concert at the Salt Palace Friday night.

Holy Cross Hospital spokeswoman Marcy Mc-Cleary said Glausi died immediately after being taken off a respirator shortly before 3 p.m.

The BYU student was the third person to die after being caught in a crowd of concertgoers who pushed toward the stage on the main concert floor in the Acord Arena.

Jimmy Boyd, 14, 1501 S. 400 East, Salt Lake City, was dead on arrival at a hospital Friday night. Boyd was a student most closely associated with Glendale Junior High School.

Curtis Child, 14, Logan, did not regain consciousness before he died Sunday afternoon. He was a ninth grader at Logan High School.

Autopsies showed Child and Boyd died of compression asphyxiation, said Rudi Riet, a state medical examiner's investigator. An autopsy report on Glausi is pending.