A high-fiber breakfast may cut a person's appetite for lunch, according to Low Calorie Recipes magazine.

Allen S. Levine of the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis asked volunteers to eat a breakfast of juice and high-fiber or low-fiber cereal. At a lunchtime buffet, those who had the high-fiber breakfast ate nearly 100 calories less, enough for a 10-pound weight loss over a year's time.The risks of many health problems are lower for women than men - but not the risk of weight gain. People are most likely to get fat between ages 25 and 34, and women face twice the risk of men, according to a team led by David Williamson, of the nutrition division at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Women who began the study overweight gained the most weight of all subjects. The study monitored the weights of nearly 10,000 people ages 24 to 74 over a 10-year period.

Not only does fat contain more calories per ounce than other foods, but fat calories appear to be more fattening than those from carbohydrate or protein. According to Dr. Elliot Danforth, of the University of Vermont, the fat we eat is converted into stored fat at 97 percent efficiency compared with 77 percent efficiency for carbohydrate.

Clinical studies, which recruit subjects from medical centers and weight-loss clinics, may give an over-gloomy picture of weight-loss success. In a recent survey of university employees and residents of a small town, 62 percent of those who had attempted to lose weight had succeeded and maintained their loss.