Genesee students had a day off from classes Tuesday following a head lice outbreak at the school Monday.

More than half the elementary-age children and about one-third of the secondary students were sent home Monday with explicit instructions for removal of the parasites.School officials discovered the lice Monday and learned that several students had been infested for several weeks. Since they continued to attend school, the lice spread, and many of the district's 300 students were sent home to bathe and shampoo their scalps.

Genesee School District spokeswoman Vicky Boyd said infested students should use a medicated shampoo before returning to school.

Parents were advised to vacuum their homes thoroughly and wash any bedding that might be infested. And officials said clothing should be placed in a dryer on high heat to kill the tiny critters.

"It is important to inspect the children's scalps for several days to make sure the lice don't reappear," Boyd said.

Officials said the school was going to be scrubbed clean Tuesday, and classes may resume by Wednesday.