Electronic products

The following suggestions on how to take care of your electronic equimpent such as stereo, video cassette recorder and video receiver and computer, come from the Electronics Industries Association Consumer Electronics Group.

- Electronic products like a nice even temperature. Not too hot or too cold. They don't like rooms in which the humidity is too high, either.- Don't spill liquids. If a liquid goes down the ventilation slots when the TV or VCR is on, there may be no way to save it. Whether the item is on or off, however, unplug it right away and take it to a service technician.

- Keep openings, like cassette tape slots on audio and video tape players, closed and use dust covers wherever possible. Remove dust covers when you turn on the item.

- Don't cover ventilation slots. If they are covered heat builds up. Don't cut off ventilation if you build components into a wall system.

- A sunny room isn't too warm if you don't put your stereo system in a window where the sun beats in. Don't put an electronic product over a heat register or near a radiator.

- Basic rules for caring for electronic products are simple: keep it dry; keep dust out; keep it cool; give it air; don't drop it.

- If your turntable is dusty you will hear a fuzzy, garbled sound. Clean it with a lint-free cloth lightly moistened with water.

- If the needle is worn it can create noise and harm your records.

- As far as VCRs are concerned, you should take good care of the tape heads. They are often damaged by children putting objects in the cassette opening. If a tape gets jammed, don't try to remove it. Let a service technician do it.

- Tapes labeled "high grade" or "super high grade" will help you avoid clogging the tape heads and give you a better picture, free from streaks and dots.