HOUSE BILLS FILEDHB169 (Halverson) - Clarifies educational prerequisites to obtain a journeyman plumber's license.

HB173 (Milner) - Provides for the licensing of clinical laboratory scientists or technologists and clinical laboratory assistants.

HB175 (Ostler) - Makes technical corrections in the administrative procedures relating to employment discrimination.

HB176 (Frandsen) - Expands drug-free zones to include areas where minors tend to congregate.

HB177 (Garn) - Amends the severance tax rate on oil and natural gas.

HB178 (Rose) - Provides an income tax exemption for overseas military pay.

HB179 (Waddoups) - Makes it a Class B misdemeanor to violate the speed limit in a school zone under certain circumstances.


SB87 (Oakey) - Makes it a criminal act to illegally factor a credit card draft.

SB88 (Hillyard) - Prohibits smoking in restaurants that don't have a state liquor license.

SB89 (Hillyard) - Exempts product demonstrators from workers' compensation and unemployment compensation.

SB90 (Beattie) - Repeals the Great Salt Lake Authority.

SB91 (Finlinson) - Allows counties to levy the 6 percent utility franchise tax now available to cities.

SB92 (C.A. Peterson) - Requires a six- and 10-year period of repose and a two-year period of limitations for injuries due to defective design or construction of an improvement.

SB93 (Christensen) - Makes technical changes to the Board of Examiner regulations.