Brigham Young University, which stunned No. 1-ranked Miami last season, will get to play another team that may be ranked No. 1 to start the 1991 football season - Florida State.

The matchup will take place Aug. 29 - a Thursday - at the second annual Disneyland Pigskin Classic at Anaheim Stadium.A source connected with the game told the Deseret News the matchup was definite.

Florida State, which finished fourth in the final rankings this season with a 10-2 record and a victory over Penn State in the Blockbuster Bowl, has already been selected by CNN football analyst Danny Sheridan as his No. 1 pick going into next season.

Other teams considered for the game were Notre Dame, Miami, Michigan, Washington and Houston.

Originally, it was thought that the most likely matchup would be BYU-Washington, "but the organizers decided they didn't want a West Coast game because that wouldn't be a truly national game. This matchup (BYU-Florida State) is," the source said.

BYU Athletic Director Glenn Tuckett said if the report is true, "It would be a classic ballgame . . . featuring two of the recognized leaders in college football (BYU coach LaVell Edwards and Florida State coach Bobby Bowden). They both have a great concept as far as throwing the football is concerned."

"If it (the matchup) comes to pass, we'd like to try it. If you want to be in the company of the elite, you've got to play with them," Tuckett said.

With the addition of Florida State to the schedule, the Cougars will start the season with this trio of games: Aug. 29, Florida State at Anaheim; Sept. 7, at UCLA; Sept. 21, at Penn State.

BYU will feature returning Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. That, plus the ability of the Cougars to draw well in the Southern California area, were keys to BYU getting one of the invitations.