The electronics technology department at Utah Valley Community College has become one of the leading suppliers of trained technicians for the electronics industry in the state, according to Ralph Merrill, department chairman.

"This year alone companies such as Icon, Hewlett Packard, Novell and Signetics as well as many others have hired our graduates," Merrill said.Icon, a minimain frame computer company that markets a unique product line, is a major employer of Electronic Technology Department graduates.

Mark Whitehead, marketing specialist for Icon, said, "When we need an electronics technician we call the UVCC electronics department knowing they will refer us graduates who can produce their first day on the job."

Recently, officials from Sanyo Electric Co., a multimillion-dollar investor in Icon and provider of the computer sub-assemblies, visited the Orem area. The UVCC electronics department was one of the main attractions during the tour, showing Sanyo officials how they could meet Icon's future needs in additional graduates and in providing additional training to company employees.

"We have seen a large increase in the demand for electronics technicians," Merrill said. "For the last several years we've had only a handful of companies interview on our campus, but this year alone we have had 20 different electronics firms looking for graduates. Hewlett Packard interviewed on our campus for the first time in four years, hiring three people from our last graduating class."