The Great Salt Lake has risen slightly since Jan. 1, according to the Jan. 15 measurement by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The lake rose 0.1 foot since the first of the year, now standing at 4,202.5 feet above sea level.The Geological Survey operates the official gauges at the Saltair Beach Boat Harbor and at Saline in cooperation with the Utah Division of Water Rights.

"The lake's peak for last spring was 4204.7 feet, which occurred in March and April, 1990. The lake's minimum for fall 1990 was 4202.2 feet, which occurred on Nov. 25," said Darrell Carlson, hydrologist for the Geological Survey's Water Resources Division in Salt Lake City. "The lake is 9.35 feet lower than the historic peak, 4211.85 feet in 1987."