Cable television appears to be the link for increasing numbers of Utahns to the war in the Persian Gulf.

But, based on information gathered in a check Saturday with two cable television firms, it may take a little time to get it installed because of the number of people requesting such service.However, customer service representatives of TCI Cablevision of Utah Inc. and Insight Cablevision say the firms are doing the best they can to keep up with installation demands.

"We are usually booked out for a week or so, but sometimes we can get (cable TV installed) in a couple of days," said Monique Coombs, a customer-service representative for TCI Cablevision.

"We're really booked and busy right now. I have no idea on the total number of calls" received Saturday by all customer service representatives, Coombs said. "I've probably taken at least 20 calls myself today."

Carol Dean, customer service representative for Insight Cablevision, said she and two other employees were taking calls Saturday for that firm, located in Sandy.

"We had a lot of people call, asking for the basic costs and whether CNN (Cable News Network) is a part of the basic package. It is included in one of the 36 channels we carry," she said.

"A lot of people say that is the only thing they are watching. If our cable is out for 30 minutes people panic. Sometimes technicians have to take the system down to replace equipment and people get very upset. They seem to be very stressed if they have no cable. A lot of our callers have relatives or family in the military. They are very anxious to know what is going on. (Cable) is their link" to that area of the world, Dean said.

Dean said she had no idea on the total number of orders taken by the firm for cable television services since probably 10 or 12 other operators also answer the telephone.

Three customer service representatives were working late Saturday afternoon.

Dean said the firm's crews were working to provide the best service possible.

"If a drop line is cut or there is any service problem the company works hard to restore it so people can have their cable news back, because they prefer that to local news or news from the networks," she said.

She said if cable subscribers have no television picture, a service person can usually get out the same day. If a picture is "snowy" or there are other reception problems, it might take one to two days.