A 27-year-old Smithfield man has been arrested on charges of manufacturing destructive devices at his home, but he denies he was manufacturing bombs.

Cache County Sheriff Sid Groll said Wednesday that his office was asked by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials to execute a search warrant at the home of Jeffery S. Posey to search for bomb-making devices."The officers not only found numerous explosive devices at the residence, but they also found containers buried in the back yard filled with chemicals and powders with which to manufacture bombs or other explosives," Groll said.

He said Posey told officers he was making homemade fireworks for "recreational purposes," but each of the devices equated to one-half stick of dynamite. Groll said, however, that he does not believe the man is linked to terrorism or any kind of network were manufactured explosives are involved.

A felony, the charge carries a 10-year prison sentence. He said Posey was to appear before a federal magistrate in Salt Lake City later this week.