Ten inventions and two designs resulted in patents awarded to Utah inventors by the United States Patent Office. Artificial hearts, mechanical devices and computer systems are featured.

Theodore W. Thornton and William E. Leeflang, both of Salt Lake City. A device for facilitating attachment to or detachment from an anchoring support of an extension type of helical spring. Filed Oct. 30, 1989. Patent 4,976,022.Allen L. Smith, Provo. A portable table tile saw having a liquid reservoir. Filed June 28, 1989. Patent 4,976,251.

Jed Palmacci, Sandy. An ice bag holding device for an injured joint. Filed Jan. 27, 1989. Patent 4,976,262.

Gordin A. Tibbitts, Salt Lake City. A drill bit for earth boring comprising cutting members with a diamond substrate coated with a diamond film. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston. Filed Sept. 22, 1989. Patent 4,976,324.

Perry L. Lane and Udipi R. Shettigar, both of Salt Lake City. A system for collecting shed blood from a patient and for subsequently reintroducing that blood to the patient. Filed Nov. 16, 1988, a continuation of application Nov. 23, 1987. Patent 4,976,682.

William E. Haast, Salt Lake City. A degradable syringe formed of material which permits the syringe to be used only a single time. Filed Dec. 14, 1989. Patent 4,976,693.

John W. Holfert, Bountiful, and Donald B. Olsen, Salt Lake City. An artificial heart device comprising a semi-rigid housing of substantially ellipsoidal shape. Assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation. Filed Aug. 15, 1988. Patent 4,976,729.

Clifford S. Kwan-Gett, Salt Lake City. An artificial pericardium. Filed Oct. 11, 1988. Patent 4,976,730.

Jerry C. Bommer, Ogden, and Bruce F. Burnham, Logan. A therapeutic composition for the detection and treatment of tumors. Assigned to Nippon Petrochemicals Company Ltd., Tokyo. Filed April 30, 1985. Patent 4,977,177.

Douglas M. Chabries, Salem, and Richard W. Christiansen, Highland. Method and apparatus for processing sampled data signals by utilizing preconvolved quantized vectors. Assigned to Unisys Corp., Blue Bell, Pa. Filed Feb. 17, 1988. Patent 4,977,604.

Liz Kline, Trenton. Ski boot bag or the like. Filed Feb. 24, 1987. Design patent 312,726.

Patrick J. O'Donnell, Salt Lake City. U-shaped candle holder. Filed Dec. 7, 1989. Design patent 312,883.