Age: 53

Born: Sugar House, Salt Lake City

Family: Wife, Myrna; children, Sara, Russell, Cathryn, Rebecca, Linda, Richard, Debbie, John, Sharon; two grandchildren.

Education: B.A. degree in animal sciences from BYU.

Occupation: Rehabilitation counselor, Utah Office of Education.


Area: 7 square miles

Population: 12,000

Budget: $2.02 million general and enterprise funds.

Number of employees: 11 full time

Mayor's salary: $300 per month


Politics: Conservative Republican

First "real" job: Making saddles for his father's saddle-making business for $50 per saddle.

Management style: Likes to associate with efficient, productive people, delegate authority and then follow up closely. "I'm results oriented and pragmatic."

Why I like being mayor: Being in a position to do something about problems facing the community. Citizens sometimes become aware of a problem but can't solve it. "As mayor, I can see a problem, deal with it, and see the results. It's quite rewarding."

Why I hate being mayor: "I don't like terminating employees; I don't like making enemies; and I don't like raising taxes."

Recipe for success: Provide quality services, treat employees fairly, control the budget and give everyone equal access to the decision-making process.

A memorable failure: Failed to stop the last tax increase in Riverton.

Heroes: "I have a quite a few, and it's hard to narrow down:" mother and father; the Prophet Joseph Smith; Gandhi ("when I was in college"); and Cordell Anderson ("a kind of Albert Schweitzer of Guatemala"), who devoted his life to helping the Indians of that country.

Leisure: Family activities, prospecting and mining, camping, hiking, gardening and genealogical research.

Favorite book: Doesn't care much for fiction; prefers history. Likes "Men to Match My Mountains" by Irving Stone and works of Henry David Thoreau.

Favorite movies: "Fiddler on the Roof," "Gandhi," and certain slapstick comedies, like the Pink Panther series.