Jason Overman, 6-year-old cancer patient from Orem, is resting comfortably after a bone-marrow transplant Thursday afternoon at UCLA Medical Center.

"Jason's transplant has been completed, and he is doing fine," Vicki Beck, medical center spokeswoman, said Thursday evening.Jason suffers from neuroblastoma, a rare form of nerve cancer. After Jason's disease was diagnosed in February, his parents learned that their insurance policy would not pay for the transplant, a procedure doctors said was the boy's best chance for survival. Community fund-raisers brought in $192,000, an amount the family hopes will cover most of Jason's hospital expenses.

Doctors will watch Jason closely for the next few weeks, when he will be most vulnerable to infection and graph-versus-host disease. The problem occurs when donated bone marrow rejects the body that received it. Some degree of the disease strikes about half of bone-marrow transplant patients, Beck said.