John C. Morgan, a co-pilot whose heroics earned him a Medal of Honor and helped inspire the book and film "Twelve O'Clock High," has died at age 76.

A passage in Sy Bartlett's book and a scene in the movie depict Morgan's actions when a B-17 he was co-piloting was strafed by enemy fighters while en route to a bombing raid on Germany on July 28, 1943.For two hours, Morgan had to fight off the wounded pilot, who continued to try to fly the plane despite being crazed by a bullet that had split his skull open, according to a history of Medal of Honor winners.

The plane's communication system was knocked out, its top turret gunner was wounded and the waist, tail and radio gunners lost consciousness when their oxygen supplies were cut off.

Morgan, an Army Air Corps second lieutenant, completed the raid and returned to base, saving the crew.