Nephi Mayor Robert Steele is not convinced consolidating the Juab County Sheriff's Department and the city's police department is the best move to make at present.

City Councilman Richard Paxman, however, believes it is a good idea and would save the city money. Under the plan, the city would contract with the sheriff's department, as do Mona and Levan, for police protection. Police officers would become employees of the sheriff's department."I would like to look at combining the county and city departments," said Paxman.

"I spent time with the old mayors," said City Councilman Forrest Anderson. "It's been proved to me that consolidation is something that will not work right now."

Steele recommended the City Council proceed to hire a police chief and not worry about consolidation of the departments. So far, he said, the city has 30 applications for the position.

"I personally am not sold on consolidation," said Steele. He had talked to county commissioners, he said, and they didn't feel comfortable with the idea.

In Beaver, where the plan was tried, it did not work, he said. In Millard County, however, consolidation of the police and sheriff's department seemed to be working quite well, he said.