There's more takeover talk in Tinseltown, with Paramount Pictures denying Japanese press reports that it tried to engineer a buyout by Pioneer Electronic Corp. late last year.

Paramount chairman Martin Davis scolded his Pioneer counterpart Seiya Matsumoto in a letter that said, "As you and your colleagues well know, we never made any such contact. . . . Your statement is an extremely dangerous one."The Japanese report quoted an unnamed Pioneer official as saying "(Paramount) contacted us last year. . . ."

Two of Pioneer's Japanese competitors, Sony and Matsushita, already own big Hollywood studios after multibillion-dollar buyouts of Columbia Pictures and MCA/Universal.

- Christian Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando, should be "executed in the electric chair," Jacques Drollet has told an interviewer.

The younger Brando, 32, shot Drollet's son Dag last May in Marlon Brando's Mulholland Drive home. Dag was the Tahitian lover of Christian Brando's half-sister Cheyenne. Christian pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter early this month. He could get as much as 16 years in prison, with sentencing set for late February.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne will leave a Tahitian hospital where she took refuge when prosecutors wanted her to testify against her half-brother. She will seek psychiatric help in Paris.

- "Cheers" actor Kelsey Grammer has admitting using more cocaine, and has gotten two additional years on probation and twice-weekly drug tests. Grammer told a judge he used some of the drug while in Boston late last year. He pleaded guilty in August to cocaine possession and had completed 90 days of house arrest before his latest admission this week and was already serving three years probation.

Prosecutors said the light sentence for the repeat offense was appropriate because "we never would have found out if Kelsey hadn't told us. He felt the truth was part of his recovery process."

Grammer spent more than a week in jail in 1988 after a drunken driving conviction.