Kelly McCormick, the 1984 Olympic silver medalist in women's springboard diving, and Wendy Lucero earned places on the U.S. Olympic diving team in 3-meter competition Thursday.

"It was just as tough this year, if not harder," said McCormick, who finished with 1107.12 points despite being bothered by a pulled calf muscle that limited her physical training since January."It hurts. I could have probably let it affect me, but you've got to get out there and perform, do the best you can," said McCormick, 28, who called her performance in the finals one of the most consistent of her career.

She received 14 scores of 9 and her low award was a single 6.5 which came on her final dive. By that time, victory was assured even if she had a failed dive.

Lucero, 25, claimed the other spot on the Olympic team with 1030.98 points, edging out her Kimball's Divers teammate, Mary Fischbach, who earned the alternate spot by placing third with 1030.17.

"It didn't matter if I came in first, second, third or fourth. I wanted to feel like I gave this audience the best performance I have ever given because I've worked so long and so hard," said Lucero, whose best finish in a national meet since 1981 in the event was fourth - a position she's reached four times. "In 1984 I sat in the Olympic Trials audience. I wasn't even good enough to get on the deck."

Lucero was fifth going into the finals and was still in that position at the midway point of the 10-round competition. She moved into second in the seventh round with a reverse 2 1/2 somersault in the tuck position that netted her 63.84 points, gained 63.51 with a reverse 1 1/2 that included 2 1/2 twists and earned the Olympic spot with her top score of the night - a 65.61 score on her final effort, an inward 2 1/2 somersault in the tuck position.