A South Ogden man who apparently lost his way while cross-country skiing with a companion was found dead in a ravine near Causey Reservoir in Weber County, authorities said.

Mike Smith, 35, was found frozen to death about 8:30 a.m. Sunday, said Sheriff Craig Dearden.The victim's friend, 38-year-old Duncan Allen of South Ogden, was listed in satisfactory condition at St. Benedict's Hospital.

Both had embarked on a five-hour skiing trip Saturday. The two planned to ski up to the reservoir east of Ogden and then back to the roadway and their car. When the men were about 11 hours overdue, the victim's wife contacted police, Dearden said.

About 10 members of the Weber County Search and Rescue team and snowmobile rescuers scoured the area beginning about 7 a.m., the sheriff said.

Allen wandered to Camp Kiesel, a Boy Scout camp about two miles west of the reservoir, and told searchers where he last saw Smith.

A hunter in the area and a helicopter used in the search located the victim at the bottom of the ravine, Dearden said.

"They became lost and thought they went down to a ravine that would lead to a road, and it didn't," he said. Dearden said Allen had adequate clothing, but Smith wore only jeans, a light jacket and two shirts.