Fan club

On Aug. 22, my son sent a money order for $20.45 of hard-earned lawn mowing money to Lucasfilm Fan Club in Aurora, Colo. He sent an order blank to join the fan club and also ordered some merchandise.

We have heard nothing even though we wrote the fan club and contacted the Better Business Bureau of Aurora, Colo. (That's where the fan club is located.)

Is there any way of finding out what happened to my son's money? Maybe he has learned the hard way about ordering by mail. - J.S., Salt Lake City.

By now your son's order is safely in his hands. Lucasfilm Fan Club has an order date of 10/23 (not 8/22) for your son. "The Empire Strikes Back" poster was sent to him Nov. 12. His fan club membership kit was shipped Nov. 15.

It seems that bad luck beset this question on our part, too. We were cleaning off our desk and found your letter, dated 11/5, making us two months late in answering it. We offer our sincere apologies.

What counts is that the problem is solved.


Baggage advice

MONEY magazine's advice to airline travelers to avoid or minimize the possibility of lost luggage:

- Don't check your luggage. Pack everything in a carry-on bag.

- If you must check your bags, do so at least 30 minutes before your departure time.

- Don't check luggage more than 90 minutes before departure time. It may get overlooked sitting in a corner.

- Don't check valuables like expensive jewelry or medicines.

- Double-check the agent to make sure he or she fills out your baggage tag correctly.

- If you have to make a connecting flight, stick with the same carrier to minimize the chance of a baggage mix-up.

- In case of loss or damage, keep your baggage claim check. It is your only proof that the bag was checked.

- If your luggage does get lost during a change of airline, the airline that carried you last is responsible for it, even if it was the other airline that goofed.