With the beginning of the year, school board officers are changing.

In Granite District, Judy Larson was elected chairwoman, with Denis R. Morrill as vice chairman. The outgoing chairman is Lynn D. Davidson.Larson and board member Robert B. Arnold were sworn in to new four-year terms on the board Tuesday evening. Larson was re-elected last fall and Arnold was elected for the first time to continue the position to which he was appointed more than a year ago.

The board also reappointed David F. Garrett to another two-year term as business administrator and treasurer.

Jordan District's 1990 president, Don Carpenter, did not seek re-election and was succeeded on the board by Rodney L. Dahl.

Orr Hill was elected chairman, with Jane Callister as vice chairwoman.

George Copeland was reappointed as business administrator-treasurer.