A year and a half after "Moonlighting" went off the air, actress Cybill Shepherd remains bitter.

Shepherd said in the Jan. 26 issue of TV Guide she'll never forget the lack of sympathy she felt on the set of the ABC series while pregnant with her twins, now 3 years old."I was sick as a dog," she said. "But why would they be sympathetic to a pregnant woman? Some people accused me of using the pregnancy as an excuse for not coming to the set. I had to cultivate belief in myself not to be swayed."

But Shepherd says she hasn't ruled out making another television series.

"My greatest success came through television," she said. " `Moonlighting' was a huge boost to my career."

Shepherd played Maddie Hayes, a financially ruined glamour queen who ran a detective agency she had purchased as a tax shelter. The show's 41/2-year run was filled with rumors of animosity between her and co-star Bruce Willis.