Negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and hold out kicker Roger Ruzek broke down Thursday and after the team refused to trade him, Ruzek said he would return home to Utah.

Ruzek, his agents and Cowboys Vice President Joe Bailey met for two hours on Wednesday and two hours Thursday in Irving, a Dallas suburb, Ruzek said."I'd be content just to accept the conditions of Jess Atkinson's contract," Ruzek said. "Joe declined that, so I felt that it was in the best interest of both parties we should discuss a trade then. He declined that."

Atkinson, also a placekicker, was one of 10 players cut by the Cowboys Thursday. Steve Weinberg, one of Ruzek's agents, earlier said Atkinson had signed a contract that would pay him a base salary of $126,500 and included a roster bonus of $10,000 and $58,000 worth of other incentives.

Ruzek, a rookie last year, earned $79,000, including a $14,000 in performance bonuses. He is scheduled to earn $71,000 this season.

"I've chosen to go back home to Utah and pursue my life back at home," said Ruzek.