Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite marks his fourth anniversary in captivity Sunday with the Persian Gulf war apparently freezing efforts to free him and the other Western hostages in Lebanon.

A Shiite Muslim source, familiar with the thinking of the hostage-holding factions, said: "You don't expect anyone to give the British or the Americans a reward by releasing any of the hostages at a time they are attacking an Arab country."The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Western governments were also preoccupied with the war against Iraq. "No contacts are currently under way on the hostage issue," said the source.

Most of the 13 Westerners missing in Lebanon are believed held by pro-Iranian Shiite zealots. The missing include six Americans, four Britons, two Germans and an Italian.

Iranian officials and Lebanese Shiite leaders had predicted that all Western captives would be freed by the end of 1990.