U.S. Casualties

- Nine crewmen from five aircraft missing as a result of hostile action. Planes are FA-18 Hornet fighter-bomber, two Navy A-6 intruders, an Air Force F-15-E and a Marine OV-10 Bronco. One F-4G Wild Weasel crashed because of engine problems.- Two Marines slightly wounded by Iraqi shelling along Saudi-Kuwaiti border.

Allied Casualties

- Britain: Four airmen missing. Planes are two British Tornado GR1 fighter-bombers.

- Italy: Two crewmen of a Tornado fighter-bomber missing.

- Kuwait: One pilot of an A-4 jet missing.


- Five deaths attributed to heart attacks or suffocation in gas masks.

- Twelve people injured in Iraqi missile attack.


- The Pentagon said five Iraqis were killed in an allied raid on anti-aircraft units on nine off-shore oil platforms.

- Iraq said civilian casualties came to 23 dead and 66 wounded.