A truck driver made a longer trip than he bargained for when he ended up in the right town - but the wrong state.

Arriving in Duluth, Minn., from Los Angeles with his truckload of dog food Friday, the driver, whom police did not identify, was unable to find his delivery address.His written directions referred to such streets as Boggs Avenue and Independent Boulevard. He couldn't find any of them.

When he spotted a parked Duluth police car, he stopped his truck and asked the officers inside for directions. Police were stumped.

"They never heard of those streets," said Dave Johnson, one of the officers at the scene. "Nobody up there even knew what he was talking about."

The officers suggested he get his invoice. The man went back to the truck but didn't return. Curious, Johnson went over to the truck. The driver was sitting inside, smiling.

The invoice said his destination was Duluth, Ga.