Every Utah lawmaker but one - Rep. Reese Hunter, R-Salt Lake - voted in favor of a House and Senate resolution supporting military action in the Persian Gulf.

Not all lawmakers were comfortable with the president's decision to use military force, but most expressed support for the American troops. Sen. Karen Shepherd, D-Salt Lake, said, "Many times in the last two months different decisions could have saved lives, theirs and ours, and that is a tragedy."The resolution reads, in part, that every Utahn gives "unwavering support of the use of military action while fervently hoping that success will be swift and human suffering minimal" and that the Legislature and Gov. Norm Bangerter support "the use of armed forces to remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait and expresses hope for success a swift end to the fighting."

Hunter said he mistakenly cast the negative vote and will try to have the vote changed. "I did not support sending troops to Saudi Arabia," he said. "But once they are there and involved in combat, I fully support them."