A former Kearns dentist, who has been disciplined twice before by state licensing authorities, has been accused again of unprofessional conduct in prescribing pain medication and filing insurance claims.

Gary Holmes Weaver had his license put on probation in 1988 when he prescribed excessive amounts of painkillers to patients he knew were addicted to drugs, according to a petition issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.During his probation, Weaver administered nitrous oxide to patients although he didn't have a permit to use the anesthetic, the petition said.

The division also accuses Weaver of back-dating insurance claims to receive benefits and submitting a claim for dental care he didn't provide. In one instance Weaver back-dated a claim, the petition said, then after receiving the insurance payment sent another bill to a collection agency to collect $3,000 from the patient, which was nearly double the original charge.

The petition said Weaver closed his dental practice last October.

Weaver was placed on five years probation in 1979 and on two years probation in 1988 for fraudulently billing insurance companies, the petition said.