The Big Boquillas Ranch was overpriced when the Navajo tribe paid $33.4 million for it, a former Bureau of Indian Affairs official has testified.

During his testimony Thursday, Robert Pencall also backed up earlier testimony about changes made in land appraisals that inflated the price of the northern Arizona spread, but he did not allege any illegal activity by former Navajo Chairman Peter MacDonald or his son, Peter "Rocky" MacDonald Jr.After Pencall stepped down, a former salesman for Camelback BMW in Scottsdale testified that he delivered a black BMW to MacDonald in Flagsfaff in January 1987.

Thomas Allen Chance said he knew Scottsdale real estate broker Byron "Bud" Brown and an employee of oilman Tom Tracy. The car was first discussed on the telephone, after which MacDonald obtained financing for the BMW which retailed for $47,995, Chance said.

MacDonald never visited the dealership and wrote on the application that he was self-employed as an electrical engineer, Chance added.

He said Brown picked up the tab for dinner in Flagstaff the evening he delivered the vehicle.

Chance said the fourth-term chairman told him he had always wanted a BMW because of its sound engineering.

Chance testified Brown made all the arrangements for the lease, including the payment of a $2,600 downpayment.

MacDonald faces single counts of fraud, bribery, ethics violations and conspiracy in tribal District Court over the ranch purchase; Rocky MacDonald Jr., is charged with conspiracy.

The tribe alleges the MacDonalds were in cahoots with Brown and Tracy, who turned a $7.2 million profit by buying the ranch and reselling it the same day in July 1987.

Pencall said he was the BIA area's senior appraiser at the time.

Pencall corroborated earlier testimony that the BIA's Dean Moss was over his head because Pencall was on leave in May 1987.