A 7-month-old baby was the only murder victim last year in Ogden. Friday, his mother's live-in-boyfriend was ordered to stand trial for the infant's death.

Mel P. Gallegos, 38, was bound over for trial on a charge of manslaughter in the Nov. 25 death of Adam Q. Anderson. Second Circuit Judge W. Brent West set Jan. 28 for Gallegos to enter a plea to the second-degree felony charge in 2nd District Court.Police said that Gallegos told officers he was alone with the baby when the boy began to cry.

Gallegos allegedly said he took Adam into the kitchen where he was frying pork chops and playfully tossed the child into the air to calm him.

The defendant said he bumped the frying pan, which distracted him and caused him to lose his grip on the baby. He said the infant hit the floor, possibly striking his head.

If convicted, Gallegos could be sentenced to serve from one to 15 years in the state prison.