Ten journalists from Cable News Network, The Associated Press and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. left Baghdad Friday for the Jordanian border, traveling in a four-vehicle convoy.

CNN said five of its eight personnel based in Baghdad left, accompanied by four CBC journalists and one from the AP.The convoy departed along Iraq's main highway to the border crossing at Trebil, CNN said.

The network said correspondents Bernard Shaw and Mark Biello were traveling in a white Toyota Corolla, Ingrid Formanek and John Holliman were in a red Corolla and Kris Krizmanich and AP reporter Dilip Ganguly were in a blue Corolla. The CBC reporters were traveling in a minibus.

Iraqi authorities allowed Cable News Network to resume broadcast feeds from Baghdad early Friday, more than 12 hours after forcing the American television network to suspend its reports.

"I have some specific words that I am allowed to read to you into the microphone right now," CNN reporter John Holliman said in a subdued voice.

"There is a government official watching us. We are being carefully monitored for what we report from now on, and the government has to approve what we say before we say it," he said.

Holliman, Shaw and Arnett had filed a string of audio reports from Baghdad since the outbreak of war Wednesday.

Just before 9 a.m. MST Thursday, however, the reporters said they had been ordered by Iraqi military authorities to cease broadcasts. They signed off the air and were not heard from again until about midnight.