Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce members and business leaders throughout Utah County were congratulated Thursday for having the strongest economy of 29 counties in Utah.

"BYU athletic teams aren't the only ones to roll up good statistics," said Don Olsen, vice president of public affairs for the Huntsman Group, during the chamber's annual installation banquet,Olsen's boss, Jon Huntsman, had been scheduled to speak, but business concerns brought on by the Persian Gulf war kept him from the event.

As a show of good faith and support, and "to keep things rolling," Olsen presented a check to the chamber from Jon and Karen Huntsman for $5,000.

"Jon truly has pride for what you've been able to accomplish," Olsen said. "You (Utah County) are in an enviable position, to have high-tech (businesses) in one hand and steel in the other."

Olsen commended Huntsman for his example to the worldwide business community. He called Huntsman a successful businessman but told chamber members that his success comes not from his money but by the way he helps others.

"He is successful, in my view," Olsen said, "because he gives back so much of what he receives."

Olsen told of a visit to Shanghai, China, two years ago, when a Chinese deputy minister summoning Huntsman to meet with him. He told Huntsman, "I know you are from Utah, I know your people have integrity, work ethic and take care of their families. That's why we want you to do business with us - because you are from Utah."

Olsen spoke of a "disturbing undercurrent" in the media and the lack of moral and ethical standards. And, he encouraged chamber members to assess how they measure their own success.

"No person who is consumed with himself of herself and his or her own accomplishments is truly successful," he said. Like Jon Huntsman, men and women are successful not because they make money, but because they give of themselves.

Former 3rd District Congressman Howard Nielson was honored at the banquet and named the chamber's 1990 Total Citizen.

The executive committee for 1991 is Dick Chappell, chairman; Ron King, chairman-elect; Mary Wheeler, past chairwoman; and Steve Densley, president.

"Plan to make this decade the best decade of the century for the Chamber of Commerce," Chappell said.