New Senate bills filed:SB84 (Money) - Repeals the requirement for a funeral service license.

SB85 (C.E. Peterson) - Exempts city police and marshals from security personnel licensing.

SB86 (Steele) - Creates a task force to study disposal of household hazardous wastes.

New House bills filed:

HB157 (Protzman) - Changes the income tax brackets and eliminates the deduction for federal taxes paid.

HB161 (Protzman) - Indexes the income tax brackets for inflation.

HB162 (Bishop) - Requires all or no employees of participating employers to be covered by the state disability program.

HB163 (Lyon) - Appropriates $5 million from the general fund for restoration of the causeway from Syracuse to Antelope Island.

HB164 (Jensen) - Prohibits a person from riding or climbing on a railroad train without permission and specifies conditions under which a person injured in such activities may recover damages.

HB165 (J. Moody) - Requires compliance with siting requirements for certain kilns accepting hazardous waste.

HB166 (G. Brown) - Requires advertising of bids on school construction projects if the costs exceed $50,000, and requires school boards to use local contractors.

HB167 (Jorgensen) - Requires certain licensing applicants to complete certain continuing educational requirements.

HB168 (Jensen) - Revises provisions for the licensing of optometrists, provides standards and procedures for licensing and defines their scope of practice.

HB170 (J.R. Hunter) - Requires instruction in high schools on the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers and requires students to demonstrate an understanding of these documents in order to receive a high school diploma.

HB172 (Ellertson) - Implements the home confinement legislation.

HB173 (Valentine) - Recodifies the state fire prevention law.

HCR15 (B. Evans) - Encourages increased parental involvement in the education process.

HJR13 (Bishop) - Recognizes Utah Nurses Day on Jan. 23.