New Senate bills introduced:

SB77 (Hillyard) Provides a sales tax exemption for factory-built homes.SB78 (Ockey) Establishes the Utah Intermountain Port Authority.

SB79 (Finlinson) Establishes a task force on juvenile arson.

SB80 (Nielsen) Provides members of the armed forces mobilized in Operation Desert Shield refunds for game or fish license, tags or permits.

SB81 (Ockey) Requires instruction on the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers and that students demonstrate knowledge of the documents in order to receive a high school diploma.

SB82 (Steiner) Allows alcoholic beverage licensees to share information about alcoholic beverages when canvassing or soliciting orders.

SB83 (Finlinson) Creates an exemption from corporate franchise taxes for insolvent institutions.

New House bills introduced:

HB135 (Lewis) - Requires periodic review and analysis of actuarial assumptions and methodologies in the state retirement systems.

HB136 (M. Brown) - Allows members of the Privatization Policy Board to be paid a per diem.

HB137 (Lyon) - Regulates and establishes penalties for conducting business under an assumed name.

HB138 (Greensides) - Establishes a minimum operating ratio for rates charged by motor carriers, and allows the Public Service Commission to ensure rate compliance.

HB139 (LeBaron) - Clarifies penalty provisions of the Telephone Fraud Prevention Act.

HB141 (Valentine) - Amends the Private Probation Provider Licensing Act.

HB142 (Allen) - Directs the establishment of an incentive program for government use of alternative fuels.

HB143 (Frandsen) - Provides for a continuation of the Board of Education's authority to permit interfund transfers in financially distressed school districts.

HB144 (Bradshaw) - Establishes a Utah History Endowment Fund to enable individual history organizations to create their own endowment funds and requiring them to match state monies.

HB145 (Yardley) - Directs the use of youth transport services.

HB146 (Protzman) - Prohibits the disposal of lead-acid batteries in municipal waste facilities and requires sellers to accept used batteries for recycling.

HB147 (Allen) - Creates a Taxpayers Bill of Rights and clarifies certain tax collection and administrative procedures.

HB148 (Olsen) - Prohibits teachers, police, certain state employees and county career service employees from maintaining a strike or similar job action.

HB149 (Slack) - Provides that higher-education employees receive sick leave and early retirement benefits comparable to those offered state career-service and classified-service employees.

HB150 (Harward) - Makes revisions to filing requirements and forms for initiative and referenda petitions and circulation sheets.

HB151 (Harward) - Provides for procedures and standards for counties where the office of county surveyor is consolidated with another office.

HB152 (Atkinson) - Changes the designation of Human Rights Day to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

HB153 (R.H. Hunter) - Exempts certain motor vehicles from annual safety inspection requirements.

HB154 (Bishop) - Limits membership in the contributory and non-contributory retirement systems.

HB155 (R.H. Hunter) - Provides for a 90-day garnishment of earnings lien.

HB156 (LeBaron, R. Nielson) - Appropriates $2.6 million for a seismological instrument network.

HB158 (Wiberg) - Repeals those sections of Utah law dealing with veterans of the Spanish War and Civil War.

HB159 (Borgeson) - Repeals the Task Force on Indian Affairs.

HB160 (Protzman) - Defines bail requirements.

HJR12 (Rose) - Urges support for a national health-care policy providing basic health care to all citizens of the United States.

HCR11 (Ostler) - Recognizes Utah businesses for their contributions to Utah's economy and quality of life.

HCR12 (Atkinson) - Recognizes Dwight D. Eisenhower Junior High for its student court system and positive impact on school discipline.

HCR13 (Adams) - Recommends the designation of no more than 1.4 million acres of wilderness.

Bills passed both houses:

HCR16 (Tanner) - Supports President Bush, Congress and the troops in Operation Desert Storm, and expresses hope that success will be swift and human suffering minimal.