A poster of Iraq President Saddam Hussein's face framed by a target is being rushed into a third printing because of a sudden, overwhelming demand. Unless there is a quick end to Persian Gulf hostilities, the poster quickly will outsell the all-time record effort: a target poster featuring Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, publisher Mike McCormick said. McCormick, head of ACBA Co. in Des Plaines, Ill., said the Saddam poster first was issued, with a one-ring target around his face, after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. A second edition, with two rings, hit the stands around Thanksgiving, as the U.S. force in Saudi Arabia was increased. "We've had a big demand from military families," McCormick said. He said the third printing will take the total order for Saddam posters to about 100,000 - a long way from the 750,000 Khomeini sold.