More than 180 players participated in the recent Ogden High K-12 Winter Chess Tournament. It is anticipated that this will be the beginning of a new annual tournament in Utah.

The international chess master Igor Ivanov from California visited the tournament and gave a simultaneous exhibition. Proceeds from the exhibition are being used to pay for United States Chess Federation memberships for the best players in the tournament.In the elementary (K-6) championship section there were four co-champions all with 4-0 scores. By the tie-breaking system, the following won these places: 1. Luke Flockerzi, 2. Prescott Johnson, and 3. Asa Downs. All three are students at Rowland Hall.

In the reserve section of the Elementary series, the winners were: 1. Chris Peters, 4-0; Sasha Skibine, 31/2-01/2, and the top unrated player was Cari Malan, 31/2-01/2. These students are also from Rowland Hall.

The combined Rowland Hall team won first place with 151/2 points. Second was T.O. Smith Elementary with 11 points, and Farmington Elementary came in third, also scoring 11 points.

In the Junior High championship section (grades 6-8), Jonathan Day of West Jordan won first place with a perfect 4-0 score. Second place was awarded to Dave Jerolamon of Evergreen with 31/2-01/2 points.

In the Junior High reserve section Eric Fenton of North Ogden was first with a 4-0 score. On tie-breaks, Jon Olshewski of Evergreen won second place with his 3-1 score. The top unrated player in the section was Stephanie Davis of North Ogden with a 3-1 score.

In the Junior High team awards, first place was won by the Jefferson Junior High team with 12 points, followed by North Ogden Junior High, second, 11 points, and Evergreen Junior High, third, with 101/2 points.

Jefferson Junior High fielded a team of eight players.

In the High School section (grades 9-12), two players scored 4-0 points in the championship section and, on the tie-breaking system, Darrin Allred of Box Elder was declared first place winner, with Andy Evenson of Timpview in second place. Both were declared co-champions.

In the reserve section for high school players, Ryan Fail of Brighton was first with a score of 4-0. Second place was won by Ty Gideon of West Jordan High School with 31/2-01/2 points. The top unrated player was Ronald Bremmer of Clearfield High with 31/2-01/2 points.

Brighton High won first place in the high school team awards with 12 points. Three high school teams scored 11 points each and on tie-breakers, Box Elder placed second, West Jordan, with 21, took third, and Hillcrest, with 20 points, won fourth place.

Cyprus and Ogden high schools each fielded teams with 17 players.

Douglas J. Duncan served as tournament organizer with Robert Tanner as director.

- TOURNAMENT - The Scholastic Chess Group is sponsoring the American Fork Invitational Tournament open to all students, grades K-12, on Saturday, Jan. 26. For complete details call Bruce McMaster, organizer and director, at 224-5640.

- CHAMPION - A kind reader noted in the chart last week that there was no world champion listed for the years 1946-47. Was this an error?

Dr. Alexander Alekhine was world champion from 1927 to 1936. He lost the title to Dr. Max Euwe, but regained it in a rematch the following year, 1937. Alekhine was world champion until his death on March 23, 1947, in Portugal. As a result, a world championship match was held in 1947 to determine Alekhine's successor, and Mikhail Botvinnik won with ease, defeating each of the four contenders in their individual matches.

Botvinnik, a noted Russian engineer, lost his title twice, but was successful in winning it back twice. He eventually lost it to Tigran Petrosian and withdrew from world competition in 1963.

- CONGRATULATIONS to the solvers! Hal Harmon, Hal Knight, Ted Pathakis, Edwin O. Smith, William DeVroom, Gordon Green, Eugene Wagstaff, Jack Crandall, Ardean Watts, Kay Lundstrom, Robert W. Lee, Alison Hermance, Ashley Ann Graves, Raeburn Kennard, Nathan Kennard, Aaron T. Kennard, Jim Reed, Stanley Hunt, David Moody and Russell Anderson.