Alta View Hospital-

CANNON, Scott and Emily, Sandy, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Jan and Sharon, Sandy, girl.

COOPER, Michael and Lore, Midvale, girl.

DECKER, Dr. Donald and Rebecca, Sandy, boy.

MAUGHAN, Bryan and Michele, West Valley City, boy.

SNOW, Tiffani, Salt Lake City, boy.

FHP Birthing Suites-

ANDERSON, John and Priscilla, Salt Lake City, boy.

CAMP, David and Sheri, Holladay, boy.

COOK, Teresa and CULLEY, Shannon, Erda, girl.

GRIMSRUD, Mark and Jadene, Salt Lake City, girl.

GUMM, Alan J. and C. Goyle, Salt Lake City, boy.

JACOBSEN, Cliff and Pam, Lake Point, girl.

LAMPER, Thomas and Tammy, West Jordan, boy.

LOVELESS, Richard and Christina, West Valley City, girl.

OVESON, Kelly and Lisa, West Valley City, boy.

THAYER, Stephen and Mary, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

LLOYD, Marla, Salt Lake City, girl.

MABEY, Steven and Janet, boy.

PIKE, Dannell M. and WARD, Rory A., West Jordan, girl.

SAMPSON, Scott and Cathrine, Lehi, girl.

SMITH, Mark and Teena, boy.

LDS Hospital-

CHRISTENSEN, Bradley and Alison, girl.

GARCIA, Robert and Rita, boy.

HOUSER, Frank and Marilyn, girl.

HURST, Jed and Mary, boy.

LARUE, Peter and Marsha, girl.

MACKY, Russell and Jill, boy.

REED, Todd and STREET, Shelley, girl.

SODERBERG, Keith and Jennifer, boy.

TEBBS, C. Ryan and Kara, boy.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BARNETT, Vernon and Leslie, Dugway, boy.

CARROLL, Scott and Sherry, Kearns, boy.

CHRISTIANSEN, Stacey and DALE, Boyd, Kearns, boy.

CLINGER, Lorie J. and LEE, David, West Valley City, boy.

DANIELS, Dedrea and OLSON, James, Salt Lake City, girl.

DAVIS, DeAnna and JOHNSON, Clint, West Valley City, boy.

HARPER, Lane and Brigitte, West Valley City, girl.

KEY, Walter and Marie, Magna, girl.

LIVINGSTON, Nicole, West Valley City, girl.

MATTISON, Cathy and WILLIAMS, Dan, West Valley City, boy.

NIPPER, Rosina and KOELLER, Craig, Kearns, boy.

NORMAN, Patsy and BEAR, Russel, West Valley City, boy.

SKINNER, Stacey and BIRDSALL, Michael, Salt Lake City, boy.

SPOR, Kert and Tracy, Magna, girl.

STEVENSON, Cari and Lynette, Grantsville, girl.

WALTON, Jeffery and Kris, Kearns, girl.

ZABRISKI, Alan and Barbara, West Valley City, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

CONKLIN, Bryan and Melissa, Salt Lake City, boy.

DIAL, Lee and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

DORRANS, Richard and Sharon, Salt Lake City, girl.

ISBELL, Jeffrey and Jennifer, West Jordan, girl.

RICHE, Donald and Victoria, Salt Lake City, girl.

SIMPSON, Jay and Angela, Sandy, boy.

STOKER, Richard and Teri, West Jordan, girl.