Dyan Cannon says it was a father complex that led her to marry Cary Grant. Cannon, in an interview taped for the syndicated show "Personalities," says she was in a "very, very, very needy" frame of mind when she married Grant, who was more than 30 years her senior. "I wanted my daddy, so I went out and got the closet thing I could find," she said. "He (Grant) even looked like him." Cannon says they divorced in 1969 after four years of marriage because the age difference proved to be too much. "There was too much difference in the way we thought," she said. "I was very, very young and wanting to get out and prove myself and do things and he had done that. And he wanted someone who was more staid and I was definitely not staid. We'd go to a racetrack and I'd get reprimanded because I'd yell, you know, for the horse with the longest tail to win. So I had to kind of curb my instincts, which I don't do any more."