Workers at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk will join Poland's latest wave of strikes on Monday if demands for recognition of the banned Solidarity trade union are not met, Solidarity leader Lech Walesa said.

Walesa said by telephone that workers at the yard, where the banned union was born in 1980, held a rally on Friday.They voiced support for strikes by more than 10,000 miners in southern Poland and dockers and bus drivers in the northwestern port of Szczecin.

"We support the other strikers and although we would like to avoid the strike we will start one if the Solidarity claim is not dealt with by Monday. In fact, I will probably declare a strike in the whole Gdansk region," Walesa said.

The leader of the union banned in 1981 works as an electrician at the Lenin shipyard. Labor unrest that severely disrupted Poland in 1980 centered largely on a strike at the shipyard.

Strikes by a more than 10,000 coal miners have crippled production at six southern coal mines. About 1,800 dockers and laborers are striking in the northwestern port of Szczecin, strikers say. An unspecified number of public transport staff have also stopped work in Szczecin.

The strikers are demanding free trade unions in Poland but the official news agency PAP said on Friday the time was not ripe for such a move.