Investigators announced Thursday they have solved the serial killings of seven middle-aged men with the arrest of a transient woman who hitchhiked the roads of Florida looking for victims.

Aileen Carol Wuornos, 33, was traced to a bar in the Daytona Beach area a week ago and arrested Jan. 9 on a concealed weapons charge, said Marion County Sheriff Don Moreland, whose office led the investigation. Wuornos' one-time lesbian lover will testify against her, authorities said."I believe Ms. Wuornos is a killer who robs, not a robber who kills," said Steve Binegar, chief investigator in the slayings that took place over a 13-month period in North and Central Florida. "We believe she pretty much meets the guidelines of a serial killer."

She was charged Wednesday night with first-degree murder in the Volusia County slaying of Richard Mallory, 52, of Clearwater and Binegar said other counties would pursue their own charges in six other cases.

Wuornos was scheduled for an initial court appearance on the murder charge late Thursday in Daytona Beach.

A one-time lesbian lover, Tyria J. Moore, 28, was identified as a material witness who provided investigators with details of the slayings and is to testify against Wuornos.