Quadruplets born Dec. 22 to a Rexburg couple have come home, and Kathy and Ralph George are learning to cope with the reality of caring for four babies.

On Monday, Rebecca and Natalie George joined their brother and sister, Alex and Erica, who were brought home earlier by their mother and father. All the babies were flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center on Jan. 7 from the University of Utah Health Sciences Center where they were born.The quads are the Georges' first children.

The father said Tuesday that he and his wife are adjusting to the difficult task of feeding, diapering and monitoring the breathing and heartbeats of all the infants. Erica and Alex both are receiving supplemental oxygen, he said, and all four are hooked up to monitors that beep whenever their breathing or heartbeats vary.

The warnings are "mostly false alarms," George said.

"We're getting along OK," he said. "Reality is finally here and it's kind of hard."

But he said it's much better to have the babies at home than to have to travel back and forth to the hospital.