Some Salt Lake schoolchildren became part of the peace movement Monday, staging war protests and writing letters to the leaders of the United States and Iraq to plead for peace.

At the State Capitol on Monday afternoon, children from Washington Elementary School in Salt Lake City, along with some of their parents and teachers, sang, read messages and waved signs to emphasize their desire for peace."I want to grow up, not blow up," said one of the signs.

The spelling was atrocious, but the messages heartfelt. Very young students decried the actions of Mr. "Sodom" of Iraq, asking that he leave "Kuwate" peaceably, so there could be "Pees on erth."

The protest was not sponsored by the school but originated in the open classroom at Washington, a parent cooperative class for third-graders.

Students at Bonneville Junior High School, 5330 S. 1600 East, wrote letters to President Bush and Saddam Hussein asking that the world leaders reconsider hostilities to resolve the Kuwait problem.