The huge New Year's Eve party that heralded a new era for Southern Utah University was not only an unqualified success as a party, it achieved its goal of raising money for student scholarships.

SUU officials are still adding up the money raised for scholarships, and Director of Development Scott Truman said that a number of major individual contributions were made to the University Scholars Campaign. Within 24 hours of the gala, it became clear that, together with $27,500 raised during the fall "phonathon," the fund-raising effort had breezed past the $100,000 mark.Results of the ticket sales are still being tallied, but Vaughn McDonald, assistant to the president, said that more than 2,000 people attended the buffet dinner alone, more than 2,500 attended the command performance and the country-Western, rock and ballroom dances were packed. Proceeds from the gala will probably be about $35,000, he said.

Large individual contributions helped bolster the scholarship drive. Claron Bradshaw of St. George established the Claron and Claudia Bradshaw Endowment with $15,000 and another donor, who insisted on anonymity, also established a $15,000 endowment.

Utah U. Barrick, Phyllis U. DeRose and Lois U. Woodbury also established the D. Claude and Martha J. Urie Scholarship Endowment in honor of their parents with a $15,000 contribution. Leah M. Wright, a former business professor at SUU, contributed an additional $10,000 to the Estel and Leah M. Wright Endowment for business students.

Truman said a $15,000 contribution provides enough interest to both maintain the funding of the endowment and to provide an annual full-tuition scholarship.

Dr. Ernest M. Burgess also added $10,000 to the existing Ernest Hungate Burgess Scholarship, named for his father. Combined with contributions already made by Burgess and his brothers, the endowment now stands at $40,000 and provides not only a full-tuition scholarship, but funds for books, fees and room and board.

McDonald noted that Cedar Products contributed $4,600 and that a number of individuals contributed amounts ranging from $500 to $1,000 to the University Scholars Fund to build endowments.