With nearly three weeks to go before a final tally, it is clear that winter quarter enrollment at Southern Utah University is up substantially over that of 1990.

D. Mark Barton, director of admissions and records, said a Jan. 8 count showed enrollment of full-time equivalent students was up 438 over the final count for winter quarter of 1990, a 16 percent increase. The total head count on the same day was up about 116, or 4 percent increase over last year.Full-time equivalent is the total number of credits registered for at the institution divided by the number of credits considered to be a full-time load. This provide the basis for state funding of a college or university, while the total head count includes all people signing up for classes. While the figures indicate a narrowing gap between full- and part-time students, Barton said he anticipates the total head count will rise by at least another 300.