Utah's Custom Fit training program, provided training for approximately 3,000 new employees for 65 new companies and 135 that were expanding during 1990.

The program has been a factor in attracting new businesses to Utah, including McDonnell-Douglas, Ram, Discover Card, Weslow and others. Executives with the company say the availability of state help with training is one of the reasons they chose to locate here.The state provided $2,225,000 for fiscal 1990 for the program.

"The Custom Fit program has a great impact on companies looking to expand into Utah," said Rick Thrasher, president of Utah Economic Development Corp.

The program is administered by the State Office of Education, which coordinates with other agencies concerned with economic development, including state and local economic development entities, higher education, local private industry councils and Job Service.

Internal and external economic factors are considered before funds are allocated to businesses. The money can be used for classroom training, on-the-job instruction, curriculum development and testing or assessment.

Six of the state's colleges and all five area applied technology centers participate in the program.