A ton of trouble hits the line in Saturday's Senior Bowl football game and that's just with seven players.

Seven linemen on the AFC vs. NFC rosters of college seniors weigh 300 pounds or more. Together, they tip and bend the scales at 2,132 pounds.Five are offensive linemen: John Flannery of Syracuse (6-4, 300), Gene Williams of Iowa State (6-3, 318), Neal Fort of BYU (6-6, 301), Ron Shipley of New Mexico (6-4, 302) and Mark Vander Poel of Colorado (6-8, 303).

Two are defensive linemen: Ted Washington of Louisville (6-5, 308) and Vance Hammond of Clemson (6-7, 300).

"Hey, 290 pounds and up is about as low as it gets out here," said Fort, built like his name implies. "There's going to be a lot of pounds on that field.

"The thing is, though, these guys aren't just big - they got talent. I'm interested to see what kind of game it's going to be."

Kickoff is 10 a.m. MST in Ladd Stadium with ESPN televising.