A natural gas transmission line through Centerville would present a danger to homes and businesses and disrupt city utilities, Centerville city officials decided this week, going on record as opposing the project.

The council is opposing one proposed route for the 30-inch pipeline, being built to carry natural gas from Wyoming to the California oil fields near Bakersfield.City officials will file written comments opposing the project, the Mojave-Kern River-El Dorado Natural Gas Pipeline, and will testify in opposition Tuesday at 7 p.m. at a public hearing in the State Office Building auditorium in Salt Lake City.

One route being proposed for the pipeline would run under Pages Lane on Centerville's south end, coming out of Holbrook Canyon and connecting to a utilities easement west of I-15.

The preferred route of the firm proposing the project, Wyoming-California Pipeline Co. (WyCal) is through Bountiful and North Salt Lake. But opposition from those cities has spurred a search for alternate routes, one of which is the Pages Lane corridor.

City Administrator David Hales said the Pages Lane alternative presents both short- and long-term problems.

Construction of the line under Pages Lane would block access to one of the city's commercial areas, he told the council, and could disrupt utility service. Water, sewer, electrical, natural gas and other utilities under Pages Lane could be interrupted by construction, he said.

And, servicing those lines in the future could be hampered by the presence of the 30-inch natural gas line, the council decided.

The presence of homes, an elementary school and businesses along Pages Lane also make it a poor site choice, the council said.

City officials decided to put their opposition in writing and will address their concerns to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which will have the final word on the pipeline's location and construction.

"As indicated by the FERC staff, routing of this gas line should avoid the congestion and construction conflicts associated with the Pages Lane area and avoid as much as possible residential communities because of safety and land-use concerns," Hales told the council.

"If there is no formal and official comment from the city of Centerville, the FERC may construe no comment as city indifference or acquiescence to the proposed Pages Lane alternative," Hales said.