A roof fire at a day-care center late Thursday afternoon caused some scares and concerns, but no injuries and little damage.

Eight children and two teachers were playing in the outside yard of the building when they smelled smoke and noticed the fire, said Bonni Nessen, a teacher at the center. She said the flames were "just enough to panic the kids and me."No one was inside of the building when the fire was spotted.

Four fire engines responded to the blaze at Little Rascals DayCare Center, 186 E. Whitlock Ave. (25th South), and discovered smoke and flames in several areas of the roof, said South Salt Lake Fire Chief Robert Adams.

Adams said the fire did not enter the interior of the building and the only damage was to the roof. The cause of the fire is being investigated, but fireworks in suspected.

One mother who arrived to pick up her two children at the center noticed the fire engines and said she panicked.

The owner of the center, Bob Schofield, said he expected to operate his business as usual Friday.