Here is the latest report on fishing conditions around Utah:

Northern RegionBear Lake - Very good fishing for cutthroat, whitefish and occasional lake trout. Try jigging with spoons, "Gitzits" and feathered jigs. Ice is 6 inches to 8 inches thick. Cisco run expected to begin within the week.

Birch Creek Reservoir - Fair fishing for 14- to 16-inch rainbow. Will have to walk up dam to reservoir. Water is low. Pond below is dry. Access good.

Blacksmith Fork - Slot limit and artificial flies/lures only. Good fishing for browns and whitefish.

Causey Reservoir - Good fishing. Ice good. Catching a few pan-size rainbow.

East Canyon - Good fishing. Ice is good, but water is low.

Echo - Little activity.

Holmes Creek Reservoir - Spotty for bluegill and crappie.

Hyrum - Stocked with catchables. Fishing fair for rainbow. Are taking some large fish.

Kaysville Ponds - Stocked with rainbow.

Logan River - Good fishing with flies and lures. Still catching some rainbows from impoundments. River above Red Banks closed until July 31. Special regulations apply here.

Lost Creek Reservoir - Road good. Catching 9- to 17-inch cutthroats. Ice is safe, water is low.

Mantua - Stocked with trout. All bass under 15 inches must be released. Little activity.

Newton - Good for trout and perch. Peach up to 10-11 inches.

Ogden River - Best fishing with flies. Good fishing in the restored area, spotty in the canyon.

South Fork - Water level and conditions variable. Some good fishing for whitefish.

Pineview - Fishing for perch good in 10 to 30 feet of water. Minimum size on muskies and bass.

Porcupine - Fishing fair for kokanee. Ice safe.

Rockport - Fair for rainbow 14 to 16 inches.

Twenty-First Street Pond - Iced over and stocked.

Weber River - Catching some brown on flies and artificial lures below Rockport. Whitefish should be getting active.

Willard Bay - Ice safe, but little activity.

Woodruff Reservoir - Fair fishing for cutthroat.

Central Region

Deer Creek - Ice 8 inches thick. Use caution along shore. Some nice perch being caught off bottom. Fishing in 30 to 35 feet of water using skirted jibs with perch eye on the hook tip.

Provo River (upper) - Artificial lures and flies only. Few fishers. Fishing good using scuds or fluorescent orange glowbugs on the bottom.

Provo River (lower) - Bait fishing part from Olmstead Diversion to Utah Lake good, especially from mouth of Provo Canyon to 800 North and 800 West. River frozen from I-15 to lake.

Utah Lake - White bass fishing available. Lake iced over, but water level low.

Burraston Ponds - Good rainbow fishing.

Thistle Creek Reservoir - Brown trout fishing, with some rainbow available.

Jordan River - Rainbow planted north of 10600 South.

Northeastern Region

Currant Creek Reservoir - Fishing fair and lake frozen.

Diamond Mountain Lakes - Access limited.

Flaming Gorge - Some ice fishing above Utah/Wyoming border. Linwood Bay icing over, but ice unsafe. Dutch John Bay open water. Sheep Creek iced over, but safety unknown.

Green River - Good fishing and light pressure. Dress for cold weather. Road Construction and snow making road to Little Hole inaccessible by passenger car. Four-wheel drive or chains recommended.

Red Fleet Reservoir - Some ice fishing, but catch rate slow. Ice in some areas unsafe.

Starvation - Pressure light, success slow to fair.

Steinaker - Getting some action through the ice. Check ice conditions before venturing out.

Strawberry River - closed.

Southeastern Region

Huntington Creek - About 700 four-pound brown will be planted here by mid-January.

Joe's Valley - Fishing sporadic. Some fishermen doing well. Splake range between 14 and 18 inches. Rainbow between 12 and 14 inches. Spin-a-Lures, triple teasers and jigs, tipped with sucker meat, taking splake. Dead minnows also working. Ice 10 to 14 inches thick.

Lake Powell - Good time to catch big striped bass jigging with heavy jigs and spoons. Stripers found in backs of canyons over old river channels. Best bass fishing from Good Hope Bay north and on San Juan are from Piute Canyon up. Best fishing in 40 feet of water.

Lloyd's - Good fishing reported here.

Recapture - Little action.

Scofield - Fishing poor, pressure light.

Southern Region

Piute - flow fishing. Treatment project not totally successful so there are a few fish.

Otter Creek Reservoir - Fair for 1- to 3-pound rainbow.

Posey Reservoir - Use caution on the ice.

Pine Valley - Ice fishing fair.

Gunlock - Slow.

Baker - Fair for rainbow.

Newcastle - Ice fishing good to excellent. Use cheese and jigs.